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October 2012 – April 2013

Apologies for the lengthy absence of any news. I have been working on two forthcoming BBC series. The first is a great ‘adventure’ with David Dimbleby called “Britain and the Sea” while the second is far more serious and about World War 1, presented by Jeremy Paxman. At this stage I’m unsure of broadcast dates, but it’s likely that one of them will be towards the end of the year, and the other at the beginning of 2014.

Meanwhile, I’m slowly recording my album with the Macedonian Radio Orchestra that will feature music from “Francesco’s Mediterranean Voyage”, “Empire”, “The Queen’s Palaces”, “Shakespeare in Italy” and “Seven Ages of Britain”. I may also include some themes I’m fond of from other series depending on available recording time. I’m extremely pleased with the two recording sessions we have already done, and it was great to hear that composer Javier Navarrete won the EMMY for best score 2012 using the same orchestra!

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  1. 12-11-2013

    Sir, I strongly suggest not releasing just a montage of your various works as tracks all jumbled up on a CD, consumers and music lover’s like myself much prefer the choice to purchase all the tracks from a Film or entire TV series score as single tracks or all (most) the tracks as an official OST soundtrack CD or Mp3 downloads. I really hate it as a soundtrack collector when music pieces you hear so beautifully in the tv show are missed from the final CD, don’t do that,

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