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January – May 2012 News

After being brought in to replace the score for BBC1 series “The Manor Reborn”, Chris started work on “Shakespeare in Italy”. The first episode was broadcast on 3rd May, BBC2, and was voted ‘Pick of the Day’ by virtually all the newspapers. This summer, Chris is planning to re-record music from this and previous BBC series, for a future album release.


  1. 6-20-2012

    Dear Chris,
    I adore the theme tune to the Queens Palace – a series presented by Fiona Bruce. Please could you advise if this track can be downloaded on to my MP3, and advise where I can purchase it from. Thank you so much for reading my comments and look forward to your reply.

    • 6-21-2012

      Hi Dai. I’m glad to hear you like the theme music to the Queen’s Palaces series. Unfortunately, it is not available for purchase…yet! I am in the process of creating orchestral Suites from this and other BBC series, though they will not be completed until next year. Sorry. I will keep you posted of the forthcoming releases.

      Best Wishes,


  2. 12-11-2013

    Hi Chris, Just magnificent, I too would like to purchase the complete scored tracks from The Queen’s Palaces series, you should make them available for single download per track or the choice for the entire series, this is a better choice for the consumer, I assume you could link from or your own website.
    look forward to being able to purchase these, but please dont just release a cd montage from different assorted works and tv series, I would like just the above series all the tracks. to enjoy.

    • 12-11-2013

      Dear Max, Thank you for your kind words. Regarding the original score, I’m afraid I am not in a position to release this. I did try to license the recordings, which the BBC own, but they refused to give me permission. While I own the compositions in their entirety, the BBC own the recordings and this is the case for most of the series I have scored. My only option is to re-record the music.

      You may not be aware of this, but all the BBC scores I have done were created in my studio. There were occasionally live solo instruments enhancing the ‘fake’ orchestra, but the music is on the whole painstakingly programmed by me alone. BBC budgets do not allow the luxury of a real orchestra, sadly.

      Nothing can match the sound of 80 players in a hall, so I decided I would record my favourite themes from some of the series with an orchestra. I hope to finish the project by March, if things go according to plan, but as I’m sure you’ll appreciate, hiring a full orchestra is an expensive business. The Queen’s Palaces music totals just over 12 minutes, but includes all the main themes. The results of the live recordings are far superior to what you have heard, and I hope you will appreciate and enjoy the passion that only a live orchestra can bring to a piece of music.

      I will update you when the recordings are close to completion.

      Best Wishes,


      • 12-13-2013

        Hi Chris,
        thanks for your reply, its a pity the BBC works in this way, as a soundtrack hobbyist collector, I am aware that you probably work in your studio composing on high end keyboard workstations while scoring, may I suggest then that as you own the outright composition rights, you should release similar (keyboard only) recordings of The Queen’s Palaces music, directly from your website as Mp3 tracks (least overhead option for you) either utilizing any material you have sitting in the studio, or if you have time re-recording a version of the tracks in your studio on the high-end keyboards with the orchestral voices from the keyboards, the music is so beautiful and the chords, compositions nothing can take away the sounds of the music (even if not real orchestral instruments), it does not necessarily need to be using a real live hired orchestra, Sir just think about it I have many tracks from even video games the tomb raider series chorus track where beautiful haunting orchestral music is all performed on keyboards including a realistic oboe voice and strings. that would be good enough for me, please consider it, also the website 7 digital could host your studio/keyboard versions for sale via mp3. I am sure you will have equal interest for those that equally like synthesized orchestra, the music will offset that. I really feel that if you did this your music followers would buy the tracks directly from your website here as Mp3 and be very happy, saving you the cost of producing a CD. or you could run this idea alongside your CD plans.

        Best Regards

        • 12-13-2013

          Hello again Max. Thank you again for the kind words about the score. However, my priority is to release high quality versions of the main themes from this and other series. Believe me, there is a huge difference between the live orchestra and my ‘studio’ score. The music will also be used as library music for use in other productions, and quality is paramount.

          You will appreciate that my fan base is not large enough to make these recordings financially viable, and re-recording every cue from the series to satisfy a handful of people would be impossible, both from a time perspective, as well as financial. If you can persuade the BBC to release them, however…

          Best Wishes,


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