Recordings made at Chris’s Studio can be heard on Mika’s Number 1 album Life in Cartoon Motion, Mika’s second album, The Boy who knew too Much, and Chesney Hawkes’ album Another Fine Mess (plus production credit).

Composition/production unless otherwise stated:

Lexus – Two symphonic compositions, each of five minutes in length, recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra

Rebecca Newman’s Number 1 classical album “Dare to Dream” – co-writer of the title track and the second original song “Heroes to the World”.


BBC1 Documentary – Britain’s Great War – 4 part series presented by Jeremy Paxman
BBC1 Documentary – Britain and the Sea – 4 part series presented by David Dimbleby
BBC1 Documentary – Empire – 5 part series presented by Jeremy Paxman
BBC2 Documentary – Shakespeare in Italy – 2 part series presented by Francesco da Mosto
BBC1 Documentary – The Manor Reborn – 4 part series presented by Penelope Keith
BBC1 Documentary – The Queen’s Palaces – 3 part series presented by Fiona Bruce
BBC1 Documentary – Da Vinci: The Lost Treasure – presented by Fiona Bruce
BBC1 Documentary – Seven Ages of Britain – 7 part series presented by David Dimbleby
BBC1 Drama – The Impressionists – 3 part series starring Julian Glover & Richard Armitage
BBC1 Documentary – The Victorians – 4 part series presented by Jeremy Paxman
BBC1 Documentary – Francesco’s Mediterranean Voyage – 12 part series
BBC1 Documentary – Victoria: A Royal Love Story – presented by Fiona Bruce
BBC2 Documentary – Dan Cruickshank’s Adventures in Architecture – 8 part series
BBC2 Documentary – Paris – 3 part series
BBC2 Documentary – Saving Britain’s Past – 7 part series
BBC2 Documentary – A Tudor Feast at Christmas
BBC1 Comedy/Drama – Mulberry – 13 part series starring Karl Howman & Geraldine McEwan
BBC1 Comedy – Down To Earth – 7 part series starring Richard Briers
BBC2 Documentary – Treasures of the Anglo Saxons
BBC2 Documentary – Schama on Rembrandt: Masterpieces of the Late Years
BBC4 Documentary – Dan Cruickshank: Resurrecting History: Warsaw
BBC4 Documentary – The Art of France – 3 part series
BBC4 Documentary – The Art of Gothic – 3 part series
BBC4 Documentary – Gods & Monsters: Homer’s Odyssey
BBC4 Documentary – How do you Solve a Problem Like Lolita?
Spanish and Portuguese TV Commercial – Cadbury’s chocolate
Nigerian TV Commercials – Amstel Maltina and Star Beer
Channel 5 Theme Music – Musical arrangement of title theme
PolyGram Road Rage Video
Canadian Car Design Documentary
Mission Impostors Look-alike documentary featuring Alexei Sayle


“The Importance of Being Earnest” (Miramax, Hollywood film)
Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Colin Firth, Rupert Everett & Dame Judy Dench

“Emotional Backgammon” (Independent British film with Odeon Cinema release in summer 2003).

Pop Music

Co-writing/producing songs with Mozez (Zero-7)
Produced tracks for recent Chesney Hawkes single and album.
Recording/production with Number 1 artist Mika.
Orchestral Arrangements and production for American singer, Jeff McLean.

Production Music

A selection of Chris’s work is available through EMI Production Music, Universal Publishing Production Music, West One Music and Emotive Music Library and has been used for:

  • The Disney Channel
  • USA Feature film – “Tru Loved” Starring Najarra Townsend, Nichelle Nichols and Jane Lynch
  • Russian Feature Film “Three Seconds” – The most successful Russian film in history, earning over $66,000,000 at the box office.
  • BBC1 Documentary: Lost – The Mystery of Flight 447
  • BBC1 Documentary: The Private Life of an Easter Masterpiece
  • BBC1 Documentary: The People’s Portrait – Simon Weston
  • BBC2 Series: Newsnight
  • SKY Cinema Germany: Trailer
  • SKY Sports Germany: Trailer
  • SKY Action Germany: Trailer
  • BBC2 Documentary: Springwatch
  • BBC2 Documentary: Schama on Rembrandt: Masterpieces of the Late Years
  • BBC1 Documentary: Who Made Me Fat?
  • BBC4 Documentary: Birth of the British Novel
  • BBC4 Documentary: Precision: The Measure of all Things
  • BBC4 Documentary: Heritage: The Battle for Britain’s Past
  • BBC4 Documentary: Gods and Monsters: Homer’s Odyssey
  • BBC1 Documentary: DIY SOS
  • BBC4 Documentary: When God Spoke English: The Making of the King James Bible
  • BBC1 Series: The One Show
  • BBC4 Documentary: Art of Scandinavia
  • Channel 4 series: Come Dine With Me
  • Sky 1 series: Yonderland
  • American Heroes Channel: The Cowboy
  • USA TV: Unusual Suspects
  • Canadian (SOCAN) Films: Late Night With Seth Meyers
  • BBC4 Documentary: The Fairytale Castles of King Ludwig
  • France Ô: Cut! (Interactive TV drama)
  • USA Outdoor Channel: Ram Outdoorsman
  • MTV European: Single Af
  • France NT1: Le Bachelor
  • BBC Earth Asia: Wild Thailand
  • Switzerland SF1: Verkehrte Welt
  • Czech Republic TV: Botticelli: Mystic Nativity
  • Argentinian Films
  • Australian Films: The Story of Wales
  • USA & Canadian TV: 700 Club
  • Polish Films: TV Lublin
  • Sky Go: Stay Cool
  • BBC2 series: Border Country
  • BBC4 Documentary: Renaissance Education: The Schooling Of Thomas More’s Daughter
  • BBC2 Documentary: The Belfast Blitz
  • BBC4 Documentary: Treasures Of The Anglo Saxons
  • BBC4 Documentary: The King And The Playwright: A Jacobean History
  • BBC4 Documentary: Regimental Stories
  • BBC1 Wales: A Very Welsh Undertaking
  • USA TV & Cable: Paris Ovation
  • Australian Films: Sex & Sensibility
  • French TV: Cable Etranger
  • Spanish TV: AXN
  • Canadian Films: Little Couple
  • BBC2: Thailand: Earth’s Tropical Paradise
  • Norwegian TV: TV2 Norway
  • Swedish TV: KANAL 9 BGR
  • Swedish Films: DIY SOS: The Big Build Xxiii B SJUAN
  • Czech Republic (OSA) Films: Adoration of the Christ Child
  • Danish (KODA) Films: Private Life Of A Christmas Masterpiece DR K DENM
  • German (Gema) Films: Sky Atlanic Trailer, Sky Cinema Trailer, Sky Sports Trailer
  • Polish TV: TV Historia
  • Spanish TV: TVE-1
  • Singaporean Films Documentary: Fighting Spiders
  • BBC4 Documentary: Architects Of The Divine: The First Gothic Age
  • Educational Recording Age: Border Country
  • Viasat History: Precision: The Measure of all Things
  • TV3 Norway: Onkel America
  • Belgian (SABAM) Films: Vol Rio Paris: Enquete Sur Le Crash RTBF LA UNE
  • Canadian (SOCAN) Films: Sex And Sensibility The Allure
  • Finnish (TEOSTO) Films: Sex And Sensibility: The Allure Of Art Nouveau YLE
  • Irish (IMRO) Films: Ceart Agus Coir 3 TG4 TV GENERAL
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  • Bay TV Liverpool Primetime
  • Central FM 103.1
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  • Yesterday (SPD)
  • German (GEMA) Films: Sky Atlantic Trailer
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Video Games

Composed/produced music for Sony PSP/ XBOX video game Big Mutha Truckers 2