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I’m happy to finally present the sequel to Revealing Beauty, an adventure themed album – “Revealing Destiny”. Recorded during 2016 with the Sofia Session Orchestra – Bulgaria, and conducted by Lyubomir Denev. The album features the amazing vocal talents of Julie Elven, Katherine Ellis and Andre Espeut, haunting ethnic woodwinds by Sandro Friedrich and soaring electric guitars by Ben Davies. Orchestrated/additional composition by the brilliant Michael Doherty, and contributions from talented composers Anze Rozman (Star Quest) and Devesh Sodha (Time for Action). Thank you to George Strezov and the Four For Music team in Sofia.


The album features music from:

Britain’s Great War, Britain & the Sea, The Victorians, Empire
Francesco’s Mediterranean Voyage, Seven Ages of Britain
The Manor Reborn, Resurrecting History

…and some bonus tracks 🙂





We have worked hard to create a range of ‘adventure’ pieces in styles from some of the most popular films of recent years. You can see/hear montages of most of the album here

Revealing Destiny Part 1
Revealing Destiny Part 2
Dances with Dolphins
My Destiny


After almost three years in the making, my live orchestral album “Revealing Beauty” is finally complete. The album features themes from some of the major BBC series I’ve had the privilege of scoring in recent years.

Recorded with the Budapest and Macedonian Concert Orchestras, and orchestrated by the amazing Michael Doherty (with a contribution from legendary orchestrator Nicholas Dodd), the music finally sounds as I always imagined.

Guest appearances by the inimitable legend Tom Boyd (Schindler’s List, Titanic, Forrest Gump etc) on oboe and English horn, the incredible Karen Jones (Harry Potter, Sweeney Todd etc) on flute, and a brief appearance by the brilliant Sandro Friedrich on Duduk. Guest vocals by the beautiful and talented ladies Julie Elven and Ashton Zyer. Thank you ladies for your impassioned contributions!

The album features music from:

The Queen’s Palaces
Francesco’s Mediterranean Voyage
Seven Ages of Britain
Shakespeare in Italy
The Manor Reborn
…and a bonus track from Britain’s Great War.

The music encompasses a range of styles and moods – passion, romance, adventure, loneliness, danger and many more. I hope to take you on a musical journey through these BBC programmes.  You can also see/hear a 15 minute montage of most of the album here.